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Haruyasu Yanagi
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When I stay with tranquility, ...





     When I stay with tranquility, sincere and authentic happiness is felt in my heart. It is the happiness which is an ever-expanding transparent space revolving around my consciousness, and which, once we find, everything we have believed pales and changes its meanings by. It also makes us view the world from utterly different angles. It indefinitely exists in our mind and body, thus we don’t feel like necessity to fill the empty in mind with something else. General and misled happiness cannot stay long enough to meet our true satisfaction. Therefore, we incessantly crave for something new and different without content. It is because we know in mind that these are ephemeral and not genuine. However, if we cannot recognise that it’s fictitious, this vicious cycle continues. It haunts us over and over until we fully consider our surroundings and start the journey with bravery. If we find a fragment of the truth in mind during this quest, it is the door for the happiness. Nevertheless, sometimes we may be ostracised in the society for it has been made by men and is destined to go round and round in the unwanted circle. This phenomenon can be clearly observed when we objectively see it from afar. If we finally cherish this true happiness, the meaning of the rest of our life relies on how we spend our individual life. There are diverse and indefinite paths in front of us depending on what we materialise the truth in in definite life. The sincere and authentic happiness is the core universe in our mind, which is generated, integrated and settled in order to meet sincere demand in mind and body at the same time we find who we truly are.







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