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Haruyasu Yanagi
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Where do you think you can find heaven?





Where do you think you can find heaven?


It exists only inside yourself. Many people seek it outside; for instance, some people blindly believe that it could be achieved when they find the right person like a soul mate. The person can be a mere reflection of yourself. Instead, you should find complete serenity in your mind, then everything surrounding you drastically becomes the haven; the place you genuinely belong to. 


For reaching this phase, you may first need a clue, or a trigger. If you want to instantly experience a condition similar to heaven, you may try this. You slowly and deeply breathe in and out, especially the “out”, concentrating on your lower abdomen’s inner movements, not the lungs'. Furthermore, if you would like to firmly establish this inner peace, you might need to eliminate obstacles, residues of negative feelings that you have consciously or unconsciously piled up in you. In order to do so, you can start by knowing who you are or at least who you may be, and imagining what ultimate possibility you intrinsically have.








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