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Haruyasu Yanagi
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The world is filled with uncertainty and inconsistency, so . . .




The world is filled with uncertainty and inconsistency, so it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future. The meaning of life is to make the most of our talents, whilst feeling the certainty and consistency within ourselves.

In order to gain the quality for the living, it may be attained through intuitive experiences. The key to it is to focus on the inside of ourselves, not seeking the outside instead. By recognising that the outer world is a mere reflection which leads us to the realisation of ourselves, the process will be more transparent.

There are two main factors in terms of making the most of ourselves in life. The first one is to fill our souls with utmost pleasure by engaging ourselves in what we sincerely like. The other is to dedicate ourselves to our loved ones and, in general, people. What we think is important should be created, establishing a community in which we are needed.


It may be more formidable if it, what is important, is essential and intrinsic. It is because the importance dwells in the abstract and, thus it might be rejected and alienated. It is obvious that we human beings have got around the core importance, by looking back in our entire history. It has been successfully conducted that, for example, we were distorted and spoiled by being forced into wars and consumerism, then, being blind and suffering the affliction and indulging in the ephemeral. Consequently, we became paralysed and unconscious about the real situations. In the light of this, it might be challenging to find, to interpret, to express and to share the essential importance with others. It is possible that when we reach this stage, we are meant to make the most of our potentials.









(2nd. Apr. 2018)



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