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Haruyasu Yanagi
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Human beings are born as a perfect entity. . . .



Human beings are born as a perfect entity. This perfection does not mean that there is no room to improve, but we are prepared enough to go through all the events in life. It is, of course, inevitable to exist with no experience for learning. Through the experiences, it is doomed to be spent for us to become as consummate as possible because its span is apodictically limited, with its unique pace and course. Thus, we become more different from one another. In that meaning, it is useless and infertile to compare one’s life with others’. Since common sense confines us in a small box, which revels against this natural course of life, it engenders afflictions. The unity will be harmoniously constructed with our own genuine uniquenesses, while the cooperative differences should be accepted by the society to create the perfection in whole. 





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