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Haruyasu Yanagi
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Creation starts from nothingness, ...






Creation starts from nothingness, where only the will and possibility exists.


Like a tiny but latent dot, a compressed void, spreads into the space,

imagination can create the whole new universe.







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He was always waiting in his childhood and adolescence. . . .




He was always waiting in his childhood and adolescence.

He was then embraced and protected by the invisible all the time, which he trusted.

It was an era in which he was innocently intuitive. As learning societal logics and perceptions, the faith in his instinct has ceased to be loud in mind and, instead, fear for failure and judgement has increased.

He has since been feeling unsafe and alienated, yet even not totally himself.

Have they possibly left him?

Now, he’s standing alone, looking straight at, listening carefully to and again waiting.






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When darkness falls in and covers . . .





When darkness falls in and covers

Lucifer finds a dwelling site in you

It is when you feel numbness in your heart and change of colours outside

Light ceases to exist inside you

You even do not notice it

You are the darkness itself

A gulf between you and truth broadens

The truth forlornly crouches in the far corner

You cannot seize even a stream of light in the night





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light up in a dark abyss . . .






light up in a dark abyss


where the light is appreciated




we put ourselves where to be fondly treated like a gem of precious stars


thereby we feel expanding eternity in a garden of lights






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When I stay with tranquility, ...





     When I stay with tranquility, sincere and authentic happiness is felt in my heart. It is the happiness which is an ever-expanding transparent space revolving around my consciousness, and which, once we find, everything we have believed pales and changes its meanings by. It also makes us view the world from utterly different angles. It indefinitely exists in our mind and body, thus we don’t feel like necessity to fill the empty in mind with something else. General and misled happiness cannot stay long enough to meet our true satisfaction. Therefore, we incessantly crave for something new and different without content. It is because we know in mind that these are ephemeral and not genuine. However, if we cannot recognise that it’s fictitious, this vicious cycle continues. It haunts us over and over until we fully consider our surroundings and start the journey with bravery. If we find a fragment of the truth in mind during this quest, it is the door for the happiness. Nevertheless, sometimes we may be ostracised in the society for it has been made by men and is destined to go round and round in the unwanted circle. This phenomenon can be clearly observed when we objectively see it from afar. If we finally cherish this true happiness, the meaning of the rest of our life relies on how we spend our individual life. There are diverse and indefinite paths in front of us depending on what we materialise the truth in in definite life. The sincere and authentic happiness is the core universe in our mind, which is generated, integrated and settled in order to meet sincere demand in mind and body at the same time we find who we truly are.







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Where do you think you can find heaven?





Where do you think you can find heaven?


It exists only inside yourself. Many people seek it outside; for instance, some people blindly believe that it could be achieved when they find the right person like a soul mate. The person can be a mere reflection of yourself. Instead, you should find complete serenity in your mind, then everything surrounding you drastically becomes the haven; the place you genuinely belong to. 


For reaching this phase, you may first need a clue, or a trigger. If you want to instantly experience a condition similar to heaven, you may try this. You slowly and deeply breathe in and out, especially the “out”, concentrating on your lower abdomen’s inner movements, not the lungs'. Furthermore, if you would like to firmly establish this inner peace, you might need to eliminate obstacles, residues of negative feelings that you have consciously or unconsciously piled up in you. In order to do so, you can start by knowing who you are or at least who you may be, and imagining what ultimate possibility you intrinsically have.








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The world is filled with uncertainty and inconsistency, so . . .




The world is filled with uncertainty and inconsistency, so it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future. The meaning of life is to make the most of our talents, whilst feeling the certainty and consistency within ourselves.

In order to gain the quality for the living, it may be attained through intuitive experiences. The key to it is to focus on the inside of ourselves, not seeking the outside instead. By recognising that the outer world is a mere reflection which leads us to the realisation of ourselves, the process will be more transparent.

There are two main factors in terms of making the most of ourselves in life. The first one is to fill our souls with utmost pleasure by engaging ourselves in what we sincerely like. The other is to dedicate ourselves to our loved ones and, in general, people. What we think is important should be created, establishing a community in which we are needed.


It may be more formidable if it, what is important, is essential and intrinsic. It is because the importance dwells in the abstract and, thus it might be rejected and alienated. It is obvious that we human beings have got around the core importance, by looking back in our entire history. It has been successfully conducted that, for example, we were distorted and spoiled by being forced into wars and consumerism, then, being blind and suffering the affliction and indulging in the ephemeral. Consequently, we became paralysed and unconscious about the real situations. In the light of this, it might be challenging to find, to interpret, to express and to share the essential importance with others. It is possible that when we reach this stage, we are meant to make the most of our potentials.









(2nd. Apr. 2018)



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Human beings are born as a perfect entity. . . .



Human beings are born as a perfect entity. This perfection does not mean that there is no room to improve, but we are prepared enough to go through all the events in life. It is, of course, inevitable to exist with no experience for learning. Through the experiences, it is doomed to be spent for us to become as consummate as possible because its span is apodictically limited, with its unique pace and course. Thus, we become more different from one another. In that meaning, it is useless and infertile to compare one’s life with others’. Since common sense confines us in a small box, which revels against this natural course of life, it engenders afflictions. The unity will be harmoniously constructed with our own genuine uniquenesses, while the cooperative differences should be accepted by the society to create the perfection in whole. 





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